Creating cartoon mascot characters is really exciting, though some times, mascot after mascot you might feel a bit drained out. Here are some tips to keep inspired:

1. Stay away of creating

Sometimes happens to feel completely without inspiration. It is like a nightmare because you have a tight deadline. Your client waits for his cartoon mascot character. This is the time that you need to be inspired. This is the time to shut down your computer and stay away from your pencils, papers and colors. It is time to take a walk. I can for sure say, from my experience, that talking a walk and especially to nature it can be really inspiring. I like to take a walk to the nearest park. It is not only relaxing me but it also calming my thoughts too. Suddenly, after a while of walking whithout thoughts, aevery issue of my life looks so easy to be resolved. Not only illusration issues but general worries too.

I have find myself many times get inspired like this. I feel refreshed and recharged and ready to create my new cartoon mascot character or any other illustrations’ assignments.

2. Read a book

Reading is not only an opportunity to learn but to relax too. This time of relaxation is time of inspiration too. Read books that are not related to illustrations. You can read for eaxample books that challenging your imagination as well as books suggested by a friend of yours. Reding books about creating mascot characters and illustrations might be helpful too, though stay away of the temptation to copy elements of other characters, respectfully to other illustrators rights.

3. Spent some time on web

Visit your favorite social media, watch a video, learn something new, read your favorite blog. Whatever you do, make a schedule, let yourself relax doing so. Spend your scheduled time enjoying yourself. This is one of the keys of leading others to enjoy your mascots characters.

I would suggest to avoid to visit illustrators sites. This might confuse you. After all it is time to relax.

4. Chat with friends

Meet some friends, call them on phone or chat with them online. Whatever you do, spend your time in a positive way. After this meeting you will feel refreshed and more alive. This aliveness can go directly to your paper, your screen and your masot character.

5. Do your reasearch

By research I do not mean searching other illustrators mascots. I would suggest to avoid doing so. Go directly to the source. For example if you have to create a dog mascot, just spend some time watching a dog. Study what it is doing. How it moves. What is doing when it is happy. If you have to create a lion mascot, ok thing get more difficult… find some books with lion photos or search on the internet. Going directly to the source, looking at the real thing, I find it so inspiring. It allows me to keep it original and at the same time to add my personal perspective to my final mascot.


Doing these or following other tips of getting inspired I hope you could take out of you your best illustrator, creating unique mascots and cartoon characters. Enjoy  🙂