Thodoris Tibilis - Cartoon Mascot Illustrations

1. What is Royalty Free?
Royalty Free license means that you can use the purchased image as many times you need with some limitations regarding the Royalty Free license that you choose. You can read here more about license types.

2. How can I purchase an illustration?
A. Find the illustration that suits to your project

B. Choose from the price calculator the license and size that suits to your needs

C. Click "Buy now!" and check out following the online instructions to download the illustration!

3. How can I download the illustration that I purchase?
Log in to your account, click on "my orders" tab, and then click at the blue text "Click here to download the image" at the left of the thumbnail. Then the file would be downloaded to your download folder (your default or other, regarding your settings).

The file is still available for download for as long as it is available for sale.

4. Can I get a Vector AI or EPS or high resolution PSD or TIFF file?
Through the online site system you get all images in a high quality JPG and some of them (those which have available the "XL+Vector" option) on Vector EPS10 format too.

All files are available too in PSD and TIFF. Some are available in AI and EPS and you can identify these by the keyword "Vector" or by their description which is something like "Available in any size...".

If you need a Vector AI or EPS format or a high resolution PSD or TIFF file and it is not available through the online system, you can contact Customer Service

5. How can I search for illustrations?
By entering keywords in the "Search" field or by browsing the stock illustrations gallery. You can browse it page by page or through the "sort by" menu, choosing between date, price and size.

You can also search using multiple keywords separated with comma, space or the plus sign (+) . Your search result will include illustrations described by all of your keywords combined.

6. What are the "Collections"?
"Collections" are group of images with same theme, style or else.

Purchasing collections saving you 50%!

Have a look to our collections here!

7. Can you help me with my research?

We have use in our search engine some "Special keywords" in order to help you.

Enter each of the "Special keywords" below and get the search result as described.

NBG: illustrations with an easily removable background (you should have basic image editing skills)

BL: illustrations with black outlines

CL: illustrations with coloured outlines

NL: illustrations with no outlines

PL: illustrations with "pencil style" outlines

VECTOR: illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator (Online available in only JPG. For vector AI or EPS format you can contact Customer Service for a quote. These vector formats are delivered by email or FTP.)

MASCOT: illustrations suggested as the best choices for mascot

PRESENTATION: illustrations suggested as the best choices to used in a presentation of a product or service

8. What is the "Price Calculator" and how can I use it?
The "Price Calculator" is the floating window that appears when you click the illustration thumbnail or the "calculator" icon under it. It allows you to choose, through drop down menus, the license type and size according to your needs, calculate the price and add it to your cart in order to purchase it.

You need to follow just two steps, in order to purchase an illustration:

A. Make your selections from the Price Calculator drop down menus, describing the license type and size that you need.

B. Click "Buy Now!" to go directly to the check out page.

The "Add to Cart" button allows you to keep the selected images in your cart in order to purchase it at later time. You can add multiple images or licenses and purchase them in a single check out.

The "Add to Lightbox" button allows you to add an image in a page with your favorites.

You can at any time go to "my cart" or "my lightbox" page by clicking the relative cyan text over the "Search Stock" field.

9. What is "my cart" and how can I use it?
"My cart" is a page where you can add the illustrations you want to purchase.

You can go to "my cart" page by clicking the "my cart" cyan text over the "Search Stock" field.

Alternatively you can access your cart from the "Price Calculator" window by clicking the "Click here to go to your Cart" in the green box that appears under the illustration, after adding an illustration to your cart.

An illustration added in your cart has, under its thumbnail, the "cart" icon lighten (it turns to a cyan color).

Exact instructions for editing, adding or removing illustrations and their licenses are found in the "My Cart" page.

Every illustration added in your cart includes its license and price.

10. What is "my lightbox" and how can I use it?
"My lightbox" is a page where you can store your favorite illustrations until you decide if you want to add them to your cart and purchase them.

You can add illustrations in your lightbox by clicking the "light bulb" icon under each illustration's thumbnail. Then the "light bulb" icon is lighten (it turns to a cyan color).

You can go to your "lightbox" page by clicking the "my lightbox" cyan text over the "Search Stock" field.

You can remove an illustration from your lightbox by clicking the lighten "light bulb" icon under each illustration thumbnail.

You can remove all of your illustrations from your lightbox by clicking the "Clear Lightbox" button.

11. How can I get a discount coupon code through tibilis.com?
By subsribing to our newsletter list you get dicount coupon codes periodically offered. You can easily subscribe by adding your email in the "Subscribe to newsletter" field at the bottom right of our site, or by checking the relative check box in your account page.

You can also use the coupon code that appears in the banner in the top right of the site, informing you about a special offer or discount when such banner and offer is available.

Please keep in mind that you can take advantage of the specific offers and discounts only for the period that is described within the banner.

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