Creating cartoon mascot characters is a really exciting and challenging process for the illustrator.

The process of creating an illustration of a cartoon mascot character it can be splitted basically in four main parts. The conversation with the purchaser of the mascot regarding the mascot creation, the agreement, fees and contract, the rough drawings and the final creation of the illustration or illustrations.

1. Understanding the needs of the Cartoon Mascot’s purchaser

It is the first and most imprtant step. An in depth conversation with the purchaser in order to understand the purposes, products or values that the mascot needs to support, its possible applications, the target group especially regarding country, age, habbits and gender, the purchaser’s suggestions and vision and all other aspects that will possibly influence the development of the cartoon mascot illustrations.

2. Agreement – Costs and Contract

Based on all the information you get, be sure to agree on the cost and the contract. It is really crucial to be as clear as possible in order to avoid any misocnseptions. Be clear specifically about usages and any possible additional fees.

Regarding usages, specify the rights you give to the purchaser as well the rights that you retain. Describe clearly;
a. the exact usages, like picture-book, printed ads on a specific magazine, billboards, site’s template for resale, packaging etc.
b. each usages’ duration.
c. any geographical restrictions, like in a signle country, without geographical restrictions etc.
d. which will have the right to use it.
e. the cost for future possible usages if asked so.
f. the usages you retain.

Regarding costs, specify;
a. the cost and of the rough drawings (specify the number of rough drawings as well of accepted changes)
b. the cost for additional rough drawings.
c. the cost for additional alternations.
d. when you will get paid.
e. the front payment.
f. the rejection fee.
g. possible rush fee.

Be sure to read carefully the contract, if any, ask for any clarifications or changes needed and do not forget to agree too, to the time of delivery. Regarding time, split it to the rough drawings time, corrections time, purchasers delay to reply and the final cartoon mascot character illustrations’ time.

Finally, but really important is to make clear that the rights will be available to purchaser only after full payment.

3. Rough Drawings of the Cartoon Characters

Be sure to be confident that you have understand the purchaser’s needs, clarifying any details needed, before proceeding to the rough drawings in order to avoid unencessary changes, time spent, additional fees and possible misocnseptions. Agree with the purchaser if they will be colored or black and white, on a specific number of characters created (if they are more than one), of rough drawings (of each, if more than one) as well of accepted changes. Beyond all these, here is the time of the creation. Spend all time that you have creating more characters, drawing more doodles, sketches, illustrations, thinking about the mascot character itself, do your research (like clothing on specific time on history etc). Hide away each day your past days illustrations and start evry day from scratch. Choose your best mascot characters until now and create some more rough illustrations maybe on other poses or alightly adjusted.  Finally choose your best character illustrations and trace them in order to make the final adjustments if it is necessary. Add some color if it was agreed so.

Do not forget to deliver on time:)

4. Creating the final Cartoon Mascot Illustrations

It is the final step. Spend the necessary time you need in order to do your best and deliver the highest posibly quality illustrations. You could deliver them on many formats but nowadays the best format is vector (like AI or EPS) as it can be scaled without loosing quality, it has fairy small size,  and most graphic designers can incorporate vector illustrations more easily to their project.

Now you can deliver your cartoon mascot characters illustrations 🙂